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14 April 2007 @ 10:00 pm
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29 March 2007 @ 06:15 pm
I'm sprawled out on the couch in the family room trying to find the words to summarize how my life's been going lately.  But no words can effectively describe how I feel and for once I'm okay with that.   This past weekend I spent in Delawho, Delawhat?, Delahow?, Delawhy - Delaware with Jessie.   It was glorious we helped mama dukes unpack and then went out to dinner at Two Fat Guys.  I had the chicken finger platter which was delish because they were crispy and I'm a chicken finger fiend seriously I'll be 90 and ordering chicken finger platters.   It was her dad treated us even me which was unnecessary but appreciated since we helped unpack.   They will officially be moved outta Jersey this weekend which is sad but that's okay cause Jessie isn't staying in Delaware she goes to Drexel and she'll be spending the next 3 years in Philly which makes me happy.   It was sad cause Jessie's dog Skippy has cancer and he's going through the same chemo Jessie did when she had leukimia.   Skippy's hair is falling out and he looks very meerkat like it's adorable though. Jessie and I were on this James Franco kick so Sunday afternoon we watched Tristan and Isolde (holy shit guys I didn't cry!) and then later that night around 12 we watched Annapolis and oh man guys Mr. Franco is a fine specimen of man in that movie if you know what I'm saying.   I'd tap that.  Hahah sorryyyy!

I cut class Monday to spend more time with Jessie.   Tuesday I got my creative writing portfolio back and I got an A on it wooot!  We've just started our fiction half of the semester I'm excited.   Fiction is more my forte than poetry is.   I had a little mini first semester reunion when I saw Toni and Sean from my first semester Math class it was funny because right before them I saw Dave and he was in my first semester and is in my second semester math.   Oh how I adore them.   I saw them and Sean walked up to me took his headphones off and I was like "Awww it's like a family reunion!" so that was nice.   Tuesday night had Math I almost didn't make it because I fell asleep before class and didn't wanna wake up luckily my Mom was like "Ummm Jenn don't you have class?"  Don't you hate when that happens?   There's this kid in my Math class who always looks to see where I'm sitting and sits next to me.  We don't talk but it's very obvious that he does it Dave agrees and he usually knows what he's talking about when it comes to boys he's pretty much the Will to my Grace actually he's more like the Jack to my Karen!  (hey Grace is flat it isn't my fault!)  Then Wednesday was stress management got my essay back received a 24/25 haha and his comment was "great job you're a winner!" .  I fucking love my professor he curses up a storm and he's just straight up hilarious.   I seriously adore the shit outta him.   I wish you were all in my class oh and did I mention I have an assignment to get a massage?  Hell yeahhh!!  SCORE!  I'm real excited about that one.   So today we were supposed to get our tests back from history but he didn't finish grading them.  I sorta kinda can't wait to get my test back because I knew all the material and I could use a 100 when my last test grade was a 76.  I had a pretty amazing day it was nice out and when Toni offered to get me a take5 candy bar two came out of the  machine instead of one it was awesome!  So I'm getting my college refund one extra candy bar at a time.

This morning I met up with Antonia she ditched her French class because she was failing.  She's just gonna retake the class next semester.   I finally put together the email to To Write Love On Her Arms about the charity concert  and sent it to Jamie and anyone else's email I could get my hands on.   Yes that might sound pesky but from my past experience with concerts and getting in touch with people it's always a good idea to get the word out there that you're serious.   So I'm uber excited about the idea of putting a charity concert together sometime next year in the South Jersey - Philadelphia area.   If it happens I think all of you should go, okay?  Did my research on that to make a checklist of everything I'll need to accomplish and a time frame to accomplish it by.   Oh yes people we're getting serious now.   Fuck yeahh.

Tomorrow I'm going to school to meet up with my research group to discuss whatever topic we're going to do for the English paper.  Get this guys I'm the leader, me!  Hahah I really wanna do it on legalizing prostitution because I think it's a creative topic and it would be interesting to research other peoples pro opinions on it.   When you really think about it I'm not completely against it I'm a firm believer in a person's right to choose what they wanna do to their body.   I also think that it would eliminate the "pimps" and violence towards women.   So I'm proposing that topic tomorrow and I'm so serious.  What do you think?   I don't wanna do anything too political because that's always a recipe for disaster especially when you have  a big group.  I just wanna do a fun topic that we'll be able to find information on and all be interested in this way the 6-7 pages will come easily.   Okay that's about it for my update I'll leave you guys with some pictures of our crazy antics in Delaware, enjoy!
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30 May 2006 @ 09:44 am